Lauren Nichols

Certified Professional Coach

You've done all the things you're supposed to,

yet you feel like it's not enough.


I help you shift your self-doubt into

clarity, confidence, and results. 



I am on a mission to normalize the idea that making yourself

happier makes you more successful!


Do you often think "I'll be happy when..."?

Are fear and anxiety causing you to play small?

Are you craving more energy and freedom?


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I had it all backwards.  I thought more money and success would buy me time which would give me a sense of freedom.  I was wrong.  I mistook my lack of time and energy (and overwhelm) as a sign of success. 

I didn't know my sense of freedom was rooted in my thoughts, perceptions and interpretations about the world around me.  

Once you break free from all the mental clutter holding you back, you'll be amazed at what you can do (and how well you do it!). 

Learn how your thought patterns are holding you back and how to rewire yourself for true success (the kind where you actually enjoy your achievements and have time to enjoy your life!).  


Love from my clients:

  "Having Lauren as my coach has brought so much light into my life! I have to say from the time we met her ability to connect and make me feel comfortable and understood is truly a gift. She has such an incredible way of holding a space for you and deeply staying in tune and connected with where you are going. She allowed me to make such progress in places I felt "stuck" and I always left our conversations feeling that much better and motivated to keep moving in the direction I desired. 

Amanda Gullickson

LA Model and Author

"Lauren came in and spoke to our sales team about combating burnout.   Lauren left our team feeling motivated, and in a good headspace regarding their work load and potential for burnout. I would recommend Lauren to speak to any sales team or group of people that could use some uplifting or some help in how to focus their energy."

Nick Cassaro

National Key Accounts Director

Left Hand Brewing Company